Established in 2002, Melinda Dodd had the vision of setting up a company that provided all the ingredients to produce full show productions. She has built a strong team “Creative Crew” to support all aspects of creating performances, from show concepts and choreography, casting, performers, backstage personnel, stage managers, costume designers and hair/make up artists to the overall creative direction and feel.

Creative Crew (The team led by Melinda) strives to push the boundaries of productions with a pioneering, innovative approach to new performances and creative ideas. 

By working closely with our clients (New Balance, Wrangler, Google, Diesel, Adidas, Brit Awards, MTV Awards), we take great pride producing shows and performances that meet specific requirements, whatever the vision and budget, no stone is left unturned in our preparation or delivery.


We offer the following services & more...

Show Concepts



Stage Direction 


Costume Designers

Music and editing 

Backstage Coordination 

Wardrobe Staff & Dressers 

Hair & Make Up 

Show Calling

Stage Managers

Backstage Personnel